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System and method to prevent spoofing from trusted devices under disguise Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236612D
Publication Date: 2014-May-06
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This invention provides a system and method for registering and authenticating the identity of message sender and exposing the illegal one by taking corresponding actions based on the respective policy set by the real device owner and target receiver

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System and method to prevent spoofing from trusted devices under disguise

The problem solved by our invention:

Problem: More and more people use network devices such as a computer, a cellular phone, a PAD, or other type devices to send messages or make a phone call through kinds of applications on the devices , eg: Email, SMS or exchange message with instant messenger, While, these devices can be temporarily used by others instead of the real owner or even stolen, so probably the corresponding applications even including enterprise applications on this device could be illegally used by others. Unfortunately, when receiving message from familiar people, the receivers may not know or even not suspect whether "they are who they say they are", for example, when users read their latest emails, chat from instant messengers,or answer the phone call, they are not sure, even when the senders' names or phone number are familiar to them, like a cooperation partner, or colleagues. The questions - "is that really you?" or "who are actually you?" haunts every recipient as they decide to reply. However, mostly, they will just behave as they used to, then on the one hand, some confidential information may be defrauded from the recipient; on the other hand, the illegal sender may spread rumour under the guise of the real device owner's identity which may cause bad influence or even loss to the recipients.The challenge is how to prevent others from unauthorized use of owner's device to disguise him to cheat others, as well as help the recipients discover the true identity of message sender . So our motivation is to provide a system and method to prevent spoofing from trusted devices under disguise

Current solutions for above problem:

1. EP1293061A1: METHOD AND DEVICE FOR SECURE WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF INFORMATION: In this invention, it focuses on encrypting the message in the sending device by a symmetric key and decrypting the message by the receiving device by the same key. It can ensure the message is secure and the transmission really happens between the exact sending device and receiving device. However, it is unable to guarantee the sender using the sending device is the real device owner, anyone else can use this device to send message instead, but the receiver can't be aware of it. So this method can't ensure the identity of the message sender adequately authenticated

2. EP1439497A2

             SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTHENTICATING A MAILPIECE SENDER: This invention provides a method to authenticate the email sender by using a digital pen to capture his biometric metadata and compare it with reference data in an existing database. But it is effective only when the user writes on an email with an additional digital pen; besides, this method merely applies to email sending, but not include other kinds of messages, such as instant message etc.; what's more, the message will be intercepted directly and won't be sent out if the authentication fails, wh...