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A mechanism to enable audiences independently fetch information from web conferencing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236613D
Publication Date: 2014-May-06
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An outstanding issue during web conferencing is that it's difficult for participants to freely operate elements on host's screen, or, fetch whatever information they are interested in, especially if the sharing document can not be published to meeting attendees because of some confidential information. - How does participant click on a link in host's screen but open the URL in his own browser? - How does participant copy some text from host's screen but paste somewhere in his own machine? - How does participant freely going back and forth during presentation sharing? This disclosure provides a mechanism to enable the link and text sharing in web conferencing. The meeting host controls the access privilege.

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A mechanism to enable audiences independently fetch information from web conferencing

When we have web conferencing meeting, if there are some links or interesting text in speakers slides, it's very difficult for remote meeting audience to directly use the link or copy useful text. Another scenario is that the meeting attendee want to back to check previous slide when the host is presenting current slide.

Meeting attendees can request host to send needed link URL or text needed after meeting, or ask host to return to previous slides, but that disturbs the normal progress of web meeting, all attendees are impacted as they have to back to previous page though they don't hope so.

In this disclosure, we provides a mechanism to enable meeting audiences directly operate in the sharing screen in web meeting, to get needed link information or copy necessary text information, and also the meeting host/speaker can control who has this kind of privileges.

Basic functions:

1. Get hyperlink from web conferencing sharing windows.

2. Copy target content from web conferencing sharing windows.

3. Previous or next page request.

This solution provides below advantage but not limited to this area:

Improve the functionalities of web conferencing services. Improve the sharing efficiency

Flexible privilege control than sharing the whole documents to participants

Improve customer experience

Improve web conferencing service provider competitiveness

A server / client infrastructure is setup between the web conferencing application server and meeting participants' OS. An agent in client side can capture remote audience's copy or click action in sharing windows, and then transfer the request to application server. The server side will verify the client's privil...