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Method and apparatus for displaying and highlighting items by attributes in multi-layers

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236616D
Publication Date: 2014-May-06
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Sort objects by different attributes simultaneously and visualize the object dependency in different attribute dimensions.

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Method and apparatus for displaying and highlighting items by attributes in multi

Method and apparatus for displaying and highlighting items by attributes in multi-





The sorting information of objects in different attribute dimensions cannot be viewed simultaneously. Besides, the object dependency can not be visualized.

Complaints from users

Complaints from users: ::

1. When I purchase on online shopping mall,I sort the goods by price and then want to see the ranking information by sales. However, when I sort them by sales,I would lost the previous ranking information by price. Each time,I can only sort the goods by one attribute.So frustrated!

2. When I choose goods on online shopping mall,I want to get the highly cost effective objects.However, the recommendations from the composite evaluation are always not what I want. I like making a choice by myself based on my concerns and preference.

3. When I shop online, I like to sort goods by different attributes step by step. First, I might sort by comments, which attribute is what I most care about. Then, I would pick up the top three objects. Next, I would like to see the sales of them and select the one with the highest sales. But when I sort by sales, the top three objects I previously selected are missing. They are buried in the mass data information. It is annoying and time consuming when I make the selection during the purchase.

4. When I shop on mobile devices with small screen, I need to scroll the page down and down. Especially when I sort the goods with other attributes, it's really difficult to find the target goods!

Known solutions and drawbacks

Known solutions and drawbacks

We investigated and found the following known solutions that are related to multi-layer display. However, they all have drawbacks.

• Web page with tabbed display regions for displaying search results http://www.google.com.hk/patents/WO2006110912A2?cl=en&dq=search+display+web&hl=en&sa=X&ei=v0EKUvKpGofq2gXZ1IHgAw&ved=0CGwQ6AEwCA

Publication number

Publication number:

:: WO2006110912 A2



      :: Search results from two different searches are displayed in separate regions of a single window. The separate regions may be tabbed display regions (621) of a single search results web page (600), for example. An end-user may perform a first Internet search using a first keyword, with a corresponding first set of search results being displayed in a first tabbed display region (621). The end-user may perform a second Internet search using a second keyword, with a corresponding second set of search results being displayed in a second tabbed display region (621). The end-user may perform subsequent Internet searches (e.g. to refine the first and second searches or to perform a different search), with corresponding search results being displayed in separate tabbed display regions (621) of the same search


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results web page (600).

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