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Automated Slow Moving Vehicle Warning Signs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236650D
Publication Date: 2014-May-07
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This invention describes a system for detecting traffic and warning other road users at potentially hazardous locations. Smart pressure pads are placed around dangerous areas on the road such as blind corners. The type of vehicle travelling over the pad is detected using pressure signature recognition, this combined with the detected speed of the vehicle is used to determine the warning that is displayed to other road users prior to reacing the hazard.

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Automated Slow Moving Vehicle Warning Signs

With a multitude of vehicles sharing the road and moving at different speeds there are dangers of collision. A particular danger is when a fast moving vehicle is navigating a blind corner. If there is a slow moving vehicle such as a bicycle on the corner the faster vehicle may need to brake suddenly or swerve to avoid it, even if driving cautiously.

    This invention describes an automated sign which warns drivers of unseen slow moving vehicles on blind bends. The sign is only active if there is a potential danger.

Determining when a vehicle is on the corner

    A pressure pad is placed on the road before the blind corner. The pad detects when something travels over it, determining something is currently on the corner.

Determining whether the speed of the vehicle may cause a hazard

    The speed of the vehicle is tracked by dividing the width of the pressure pad by the time taken to cross it. If the object is travelling under a pre-defined speed then it is deemed to be a hazard and a counter is incremented.

Warning other drivers

    If the counter has a value greater than 0 then a traffic signal placed before the corner is lit with a warning message.

Determining if the vehicle has left the corner

    Another pressure pad is placed on the road at a safe distance after the blind corner. When the slow moving vehicle is detected, using the same technique as the first pad the vehicle is determined to have left the corner and the counter is de...