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A method and system for automatically categorising and assigning customer tickets (PMRs) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236671D
Publication Date: 2014-May-08
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This article describes a method of improving service systems to automatically categorise a customer ticket into a problem area, and then assign this problem ticket to the most suitable developer to solve the problem.

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A method and system for automatically categorising and assigning customer tickets (PMRs)

When receiving a new service ticket into a system a person must manually categorise it based on the customer and what they identify the problem as.

This can cause a problem because the individual may not be aware of the situation

with other service tickets on the queue.

    If a cluster of tickets has appeared in a single area, they may not be aware of it to increase the severity of each ticket. A further problem that presents itself is that each service representative will use different keywords and language to identify each ticket, meaning that when a search is done for tickets of a similar type they will not all appear. This is a problem for creating metrics of which part of the system needs to be tested more and for identifying if there is a larger problem that is causing the cluster of tickets in this area.

    Another problem is that it may be difficult to reach out to or assign the most appropriate developer to the problem if the service representatives don't know the development team.

    As you can see the problems are related to processing of large amounts of data by a human operator.

    Our invention will locate the stack trace that is attached to a ticket (pasted in to the ticker or attached as a document) and analyse it's content to find the root caused by statement. With this information we can perform some categorisation automatically.

Firstly, if the system is linked with the version control system we can detect

who has worked on the file / method / line that is causing the problem. You can also calculate who has worked in that area of the code base the most so...