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Generation of corelation map between high level tests and source files Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236674D
Publication Date: 2014-May-08
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The problem is how to connect project source files with high level black box tests automatically. Using the unique identification, one can easily and automatically generate a correlation map between source files and high level tests with additional help of the products on the market: Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager. Using such unique identification allows to show a direct link between high level tests and System Under Test source/properties files. Using RTC, it is also possible to link high level test to a particular method that was changed in a source file (or property if a properties file was changed). Code coverage from build analysis can be extra used to build a full map of correlations.

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Generation of corelation map between high level tests and source files

     First step is to update Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager work items , defects and APARs, to contain fields :




Impact (ODC_Impact)

     Based on values of those fields, one can identify which source files of System Under Test match the particular CSI (Component, Subcomponent, odc_Impact) threesome. High level test scripts (manual or automatic) have also CSI threesomes (can be more than one) assigned. Finally, one can show a direct link between high level test and System Under Test source files . With these links, one can automatically create precise test scenarios for every change in System Under Test source code . Currently, one has to run all available tests without focusing on the actually changed area or feature of the System Under Test . This approach allows for fast and reliable software updates in Software As A Service deployment model . This solution allows for more complex test coverage calculations leading to easy identification of "white spots" (potentially erroneous areas not covered by tests).

Figure 1. An example of a high level, automatic test case with a CSI attached

Figure 2. An example of a CSI in Rational Team Concert


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Figure 3. A correlation map between CSIs and high level tests

Figure 4. A correlation map between CSI and source file (CSI as a key joining data from figure 3 and 4)