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Faster Switching via RDMA over ECP Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236689D
Publication Date: 2014-May-09
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Virtual Machine's traffic is forwarded by the virtual switch which works in hypervisor, which cause multiple buffer copy between user and kernel space of OS. That results low efficiency transmission and becomes the bottleneck of data communication in data center. This disclosure provides a method that enable RDMA between server and access switch to improve the forwarding efficiency and throughput for VM communication.

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Faster Switching via RDMA over ECP

1. Background: What is the problem solved by your invention? Describe known solutions to this problem (if any). What are the drawbacks of such known solutions, or why is an additional solution required? Cite any relevant technical documents or references.

Virtualization now is becoming dominant technology of data center networking. Virtualization brings high efficiency hardware usage, low cost and higher redundancy. Under virtualization, each server now can support multiple VMs, the number can be even hundreds.

Virtual switches, inside servers, are used to do traffic switching between VMs and even upstream. But till now, most of the virtual switches are using regular Ethernet protocols and traditional network cards to exchange traffics with upstream network. Thus mechanism brings multiple kernel buffers copy before traffic coming to upstream, and results at low throughput of the virtual switches. Even more powerful servers may bring higher throughput, but it seems the throughput is always lag behind the requirements, as traffic requirement is growing even faster. High throughput mechanism is becoming essential to the future success of the virtualization. Faster switching via RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) over ECP (Edge Control Protocol) is target for thus kind of solutions.

2. Summary of Invention: Briefly describe the core idea of your invention (saving the details for question #3 below). Describe the advantage(s) of using your invention instead of the known solutions described above.

Faster switching via RDMA over ECP implements RDMA and ECP, and brings a new technology to make RDMA run over ECP, which brings physical switch the capability to do remote server memories access to improve the switching performance of virtual switch, with thus technology, physical switch can read each VM's egress traffic via RDMA then forward. Each VM's egress traffic can be got and transmitted to physical switch, and will be forwarded based on physical switching. For each VM's ingress traffic, physical switch can put target traffic directly into the virtual switch buffer, traffic will be forwarded or flooded based on the virtual switching. Faster switching enable physical switching to extend its capability into virtual switch , faster up the traffic forwarding via replace software switching with the physical switching for egress traffic. And via RDMA over ECP to bypass multiple kernel buffers copy, improve the virtual switch throughput. The faster witching data flow is shown as following figure.


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Figure 1 Faster switching via RDMA over ECP data flow

Advantages: (1) Via RDMA over ECP to bypass multiple kernel buffer copy will result at higher virtual switches throughput and eliminate the bottleneck of the virtual switch implementation.

(2) Extend physical switch memory access into serverindeed will replace the software switching with the much faster hardware switching, and will bring higher perf...