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Video Frame Password Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236721D
Publication Date: 2014-May-13
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The disclosure discloses that use video to generate password or help to remember password, make password memory easy, change character(abstract) memory to imaginal memory. Bank ATM machines, web sites, and mobile devices could apply this idea to help user to remember password and sign in system.

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Video Frame Password



.. Background Background

It is found that remember various passwords to sign in to bank accounts, websites or mobile devices is cumbersome.

User has to input a sequential of numbers, symbols, and capitalization in order to meet with different system password polices. It's hard to remember many different passwords for separate accounts of users.

                                                  It's time to find an easier way for password memory and sign in. The reason that can't remember the traditional password very well is that it is too abstract. The disclosure discloses a new way, which is relevant to the hobbies and personal marks of the accounts of users. It is a more easier way to remember password and unforgettable.



.. Summary of Invention

Summary of Invention

It is known that people are more impressive by videos/images from visual sense, compares to a long sequence of numbers, especially the videos/images have something to do with user's real life. Given this, a password comes from a frame of the video which is selected by account owner is easy-to-remember.

The password will be generated with three steps:

First step is that select a video. It could be from a gallery offered by system(the video itself could be an advertisement), or a video uploaded by account owner himself.

Second step is that select a frame from the video, it will improve the effect of imaginal memory that some objects in the frame are relevant to account owner's personal experience.

Third step is that generate password from the frame. Depends on different custom, the system provides user with three password policy options.

Password policy A:

User uses frame pieces to generate password. The system will split the frame into M x N pieces. M x N could be customized by system or user according to password strength requirement. Each piece consists of one or more characters in system. User selects some pieces as password, the system will convert selecte...