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Method and system for health condition based location-based real time information delivery Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236740D
Publication Date: 2014-May-13
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Disclosed are a method and system to block automatically-generated advertisements from reaching a user’s mobile device based on the determination that a particular advertisement is inappropriate for the user’s current physical, mental, or emotional state.

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Method and system for health condition based location-based real time information delivery

Location based advertisements are delivered when the user is in proximity to a particular location. This might be annoying to a user, especially if the advertisement is inappropriate for an occasion or the user's present state of mind or emotion.

No appropriate prior art is identified that discusses blocking advertisements based on the real time condition of a user or others in the user's proximity.

A method is needed to identify the health-related status of the user or a person accompanying the user, and then deliver an appropriate location-based advertisement.

The novel contribution is a method and system that identifies the possible health related information of any user, family members, or accompanying party. Based on that information, the system identifies the approximate possible mental state of the user. Further, based on the identified mental status, the system blocks relatively inappropriate location-based advertisements and delivers only appropriate advertisements. Appropriate guidance related to health is provided to the user

based on the identified scenario.

To implement the system and method in a preferred embodiment:

1. Different sensors installed in a mobile device track the user's health related information

2. System gathers some information about the user and related individuals from other sources

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