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Hysteresis Core number allocation for multi-thread processors Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236745D
Publication Date: 2014-May-14
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Disclosed is Hysteresis Core number allocation for multi-thread processors,

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Hysteresis Core number allocation for multi -thread processors

For the current hardware architecture of micro process, the core number was allocated by OS scheduler. The transitional schedule design is focusing for performance and fairness but not for the power efficiency.

We would like to have better power efficiency, A control mechanism called as "Core Parking" is proposed before, which limited the CPU performance due to the overhead for core state change from Parked to UnParked.

Some users will set CPU state as UnParked (static core number) always intend to gain the best performance but it wastes energy.

Using hysteresis algorithm to determine the core number by the threshold of thread. OS schedule will determine the core by the threshold of Hysteresis and turn off the unused cores.

Using static threshold as the projection of core turn-on and turn-off to shorter the latency of core on/off.

Hysteresis algorithm will not change core number frequently.

Add time counter threshold, to force open more core for latency reduction.