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A method for embedding action-tracking agents within an email and automated monitoring for completion of that action Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236748D
Publication Date: 2014-May-14
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Disclosed is an embedded agent that is delivered as a payload with an email, which monitors for pre-programmed actions taken by the recipients and then informs the sender that action has been taken.

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A method for embedding action -

-tracking agents within an email and automated

                     tracking agents within an email and automated monitoring for completion of that action

In some business scenarios, a large group of email recipients are asked to perform some action for the sender needs to track completion . Current systems do not provide the sender with a method of knowing whether all the recipients have completed the action required. An email program is needed that can monitor or track sender -specified actions taken by the recipients of the email.

The novel contribution is a system for the automated tracking of desired actions sent in an email and the associated reporting of who has /has not taken those actions. This system allows a user to send an email to a group of individuals with an assigned task in the email and then identify when the user(s) performs that action. Examples of actions include, but are not limited to, opening an attached file, clicking on a hyperlink, etc.

The sender has the option of defining several parameters including :

• What action to track (e.g., open attachment, click on a hyperlink, etc.)

• Duration of monitoring the action

• Subsequent actions to take if the monitored action is not performed in the

allotted amount of time (e.g., alert the sender, resend the email, change the email from read to unread, send a reminder, etc.)

• Whether the sender wants a 'receipt of action' provided from each recipient

To implement the system in...