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Forecast Passenger Flow Inside the Subway Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236762D
Publication Date: 2014-May-15
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This disclosure describes a system for information flow of on train metrics from onboard sensors transmitted to a control tower and then to LCD screen so this information can be consumed and utilized by the awaiting standing passenger. This system is designed to alert anticipating passengers of an oncoming subway train the standing position in relation to the oncoming train that will allow the most efficient queuing in regards to the number of passengers already on the train. As it currently exists, when people queue up in line for the subway, they have no adequate way of knowing how many passengers are in the oncoming subway car they are waiting for, and therefore may end up queuing in front of a car that is completely full.

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Forecast Passenger Flow Inside the Subway


Currently one is able to queue up in front of a random car with no knowledge of on board car numbers. Perhaps the car the awaiting passenger is queuing in front of is full and people will not be able to board. Meanwhile other cars may be emptyand wasting space on a given subway train and causing people delays in their commute.

This publish proposes a LCD display screen showing the exact number of people that are currently inside a given car would allow people to more efficiently queue up for a given car.

This would prevent inefficient boarding of the subway as a whole and allow people to better guess which cars have space/seats.

More efficient queuing allows for train boarding times to decrease therefore making subway schedules more precise.

Subway management and city officials would have better data on overall subway usage and analytics of exact passenger car fill up allowing them to better manage current systems/plan future systems.

In high density populations this would allow total subway capacity to increase without adding more trains to the schedule thereby saving money for the city. In addition to allowing a more pleasurable riding experience during off peak times as it would allow people to easily find cars with open seats and a stress free queuing process.

Technical Process:

1 Utilize onboard infrared camera connected to an onboard computer system to process data and determine best estimate based s...