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A method to find paragraph according to multiple keywords proximity Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236763D
Publication Date: 2014-May-15
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When a person is viewing a very long web page or editing a thousands of rows program, he may have requirement to find the paragraphs that contain multiple keywords. Search method for existing viewers and editors can only search one keyword at once. The first keyword's information was lost when the second keyword is being searched. A method is proposed here to show multiple keywords' proximity. According to the keyword proximity on side bar or even given candidate list, person can easily find the target paragraph

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A method to find paragraph according to multiple keywords proximity

When people view web pages, or edit programs, they may search something by keyword. In order to find keyword, many viewers and editors supply search function. User can locate previous or next keyword position from the search results, and many of the toolkits supply keyword highlight function as well. Furthermore, some can supply the relative positions of keywords in scrollbar or sidebar so that user can locate the keyword easily.

However, none of them can supply multiple keywords proximity.

User may have requirement to find the paragraphs, that contain multiple keywords, in a long context.

A method is proposed here to enhance the visual representation of multi-words search result proximity.

When multiple keywords are being searched, they are marked by different colors on the side bar. For example, keyword A are marked red, keyword B are marked yellow. In this way, user is easy to find the proximity of keyword A and keyword B by checking the sidebar. If keyword A mark is close to keyword B mark, they are most likely to be in same paragraph. (As shown in Figure 1.)


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This method can be extended to multiple keywords that are more than two.

Steps to highlight keywords proximity:
1. Keep full content in memory, record the total row number
2. Search one keyword in content and save the row number and start position for each match
3. Repeat step 2 until all keywords are searched...