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Adaptive Data Provisioning for cloud Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236799D
Publication Date: 2014-May-16
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Disclosed is an Adaptive Data Provisioning for cloud.

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Adaptive Data Provisioning for cloud

The IT services is based more and more on cloud platform. The Cloud platform is composed of:
- Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is in-charge to manage resources and IT services, the CMP could take into account application topology such as 3-tier application, including security zoning.

- Managed Resources, that could be a pool hardware, including the set up of software to provide IT services.

The set up of a new software could be provided by new installation of the application or via set up of images.

The CMP uses generic resource by default but the services need to be customized according to customer environment and for the data required to operate the services. In case of dynamic provisioning, for performance reason, the data should be provided from an existing services.

The CMP is not able to take into account dynamically provisioning the data required to provide a full IT services.

The idea is to provide a method to dynamically provide the mandatory data for the IT services provisioned by the CMP and to have application requiring dynamically resource according to the amount of data to be treated.

The solution:
- Each Application should include a data description file composed of: configuration data (directory, .dll,*.ini, license number...), Access data information (Access privilege, LDAP, Active Directory, Network access ), Application data (Web HTML pages, Data Base..) with their location and the way to have access to it (Web Services for example), resource capabilities and policies rules according to the amount of data....