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Enhancement of Virtual machine RSA support Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236800D
Publication Date: 2014-May-16
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Disclosed is Enhancement of Virtual machine RSA support.

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Enhancement of Virtual machine RSA support

With current solution, there is no way to notify the virtual machine when any critical error observed. Also when the system is reset due to fatal error, the data on VM/OS may get corruption data due to HDD image lost.

Provide a notification to KVM/OS to do shutdown and backup while fatal error is occurred, also the OS memory is dumped out for service problem analysis.

Blocking system reset while non-correctable issue and send event to KVM/Virtd.

- Use FPGA (or other entity) to implement to block system x86 reset if system fatal error observed, management controller (BMC) can detect this and ask VM/OS to do memory dump.

- Better FRU isolation and Crash-dump on corrupt data consumption.

Provides continuous availability for applications in the event of server failures (ex: DIMM or CPU un-correctable error) and have VM creating live shadow instance.

- Support VM fault tolerance.

Checkpoints are set of files that represent a snapshot of a both disk image ad memory.

- Checkpoint is consistent view of a running VMs CPU state/usage, memory usage and disk size that is captured by management controller.

Monitor CPU utilization and dynamic adjust CPU Core voltage/frequency (P-state) on demand.

- Combine with Intel new CPU arch (IVR) feature, use BMC to control each core's P state (OOB , PECI interface) without adjusting on socket level.

- When more VM add into Computer Node, adjust core P-state and lower the P-state value when VM/...