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LED Light Digital Auto Detection System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236801D
Publication Date: 2014-May-16
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Disclosed is a LED Light Digital Auto Detection System.

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LED Light Digital Auto Detection System


When doing testing locate test cases, tester should be click the "Start Locate", then check if LED light twinkled normal or not. In one rack with many SUTs (System Under Testing), one system has many HDD disk drives (for example, support MAX
32 HDD drives). It would take a lot of time and human resources to check LED status.


Use Digital Image Processing domain knowledge and shell script to help tester finish the annoying and boring regular test case automatically.

Tester could be done via clicking one button and collect log and abnormal images after automation testing finished. Beside "Locate" test case automation, this system is also could detect POWER Light, ERROR Light and any other LED light on system. (ex. Light Path).

Core idea is using Digital Image processing to help tester finish some test cases. There is known method using fused fiber rod, but fused fiber need allocate one for each LED lights. If there are many systems with many HDD drives, it will cause a large expense on allocate fused fiber. But in my system, it could be done by one sever/PC and one camera and it could save the error image when system have abnormal situation alert.

System Flow Chart