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Runtime Power Efficiency Measuring to Control CPU Frequency Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236804D
Publication Date: 2014-May-16
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Disclosed is a technology related to runtime power efficiency measuring to control CPU frequency.

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Runtime Power Efficiency Measuring to Control CPU Frequency

For most ACPI-compliant systems, P-state is designed to get better power efficiency.

CPU will change frequency/voltage according to the CPU loading.

However, in the middle range of CPU loading, it's hard to determine which CPU frequency could get optimum power efficiency.

Propose a method to run-time calculate "power efficiency" and use it to determine the CPU frequency.

Run-time Power Efficiency Measuring:

Using IPMI command to read AC power from IMM Power Efficiency = (CPU Loading)/(AC Power)

CPU Frequency Changing Rule:

Only change CPU frequency while Power Efficiency decreased Increase CPU frequency if CPU Loading increased
Decrease CPU frequency if CPU Loading decreased