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Management Module supporting Vocal Error Report on Servers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236805D
Publication Date: 2014-May-16
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Disclosed is management modules supporting vocal error report on servers

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Management Module supporting Vocal Error Report on Servers

When service/user goes to fix corrupted servers in the server room, there may be multiple systems and have all kind of different errors. It would be not so clear about what error the specific system has unless service/user logs in to either UEFI or IMM page, or write a note of which S/N of server has which error. But those mechanism are not so direct as just having the error LED to be able to trigger directly and report the error condition encountered.

Even if the system has an LCD, it would be hard for an LCD to show different languages.

Service/user can get direct error description by simply clicking the fault LED button.

With our proposal, user would be able to hear precisely about what error is related to the turned on LED. The vocal could speak of user's native language instead of just English report.

Service can double confirm with the issues of the corrupted server before replacing the broken component.

There would be an additional speaker and controller for the speaker. IMM would send the error TEXT related to the LED turned on.

When user press the turned on LED, IMM would sense it and ask the Speaker Controller to broadcast the error TEXT related to the specific error LED.


Additional HW:

Speaker Controller+Speaker

Touch sensing Error LED
The speaker controller could be also integrated into IMM.


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[Firmware Flow Chart]

One press on the button will trigger the vocal warning starte...