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Password Mechanism based on Selective Fingerprint Feature

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236829D
Publication Date: 2014-May-19
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Combine the human unique fingerprint feature with traditional password mechanism too enhance the security with a convenient way

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Password Mechanism based on Selective Fingerprint Feature

   Secure identification is a hot research topic in today's business community and academic area. This paper starts with using the synergy of hardware and software equipment and comes up with a new method of password setting with fingerprint recognition technology. Exploiting the distinct fingerprint feature as verification code while inputting the traditional password in the client side increases the complexity of traditional cryptography, and improves dynamic and enhances personalization but does not increase user interaction. While the serverauthenticates and identifies the password which is the combination of traditional sequence identity and fingerprints.

  The fingerprint feature password setting mechanisms which includes selective fingerprint and traditional password in this paper can be used for password settings of doors, individual PC,bank ATM machine . It can also be applied for software and hardware based unlocking mechanism such as unlocking the secured files.

The existing password setting method has a security flaw ---

  1.The password is easily to be stolen by peeking when a user inputs the password in the general password system. For example, when withdrawing from ATM , others can spy on a user password, and as long as they get the card then may invade into the password system.

2. For web-based application secure the common general protecting way is using verification code to prevent robots being exhaustive trying the user's password. However, with the method of image recognition technology progressing, robotics for the verification code recognition ability will be stronger, so that the robot crack passwords may become possible.

   The core idea of the present invention comprises: (1) Install the fingerprint feature collection system in the client side. (2) When the user sets the password for the first time, the fingerprint is collected for each finger. Then the user make the choice for the combination of the fingerprints and traditional passwords. (3) User input the password with selected finger. (4) Server authenticate the fingerprint password. (5) When there is insecure factor, and the user can not change the password immediately, user can re-select a combination of other fingerprints.

   No matter in terms of the degree of convenience or the user's level of security there is a a great deal of improvement in the fingerprint password system in this paper, thus it ensures a secure password system work more effectively. Fingerprint password mechanism designed in this paper, considers the user point of view in favor, based on hardware improvements,may not need require the seconde input for the validation code from the user. The designed system in this paper, from a security perspective, uses a particular fingerprint feature acquisition


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system, introduce the biometric - fingerprint feature to the traditional password.


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