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Method of realtime video mining navigator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236831D
Publication Date: 2014-May-19
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The core idea of this disclosure is to search related video through specific frame of a video in realtime. User do not require to enter any keyword, they simply navigate through the preview windows and relate video will show base on the elements found in the preview frame.

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Method of realtime video mining navigator

The video sharing site like the Youtube often sugggests related video to the user that base on the video catagory, or search key words. Sometimes when a user is watching a video, the user might like to see the other video base on the elements that he saw from the current video, In order to search for the video, the user will need to enter what he saw from the current screen as the search key words and then go to search, which is complicated, Here we introduce a method of realtime video mining navigator that can facilitate the navigation way of Video.

    It is possible to search videos that shares similar elements without entering input, by using video mining that base on images. This idea describes a UI control to search for video by using such method.

Core idea:

    1. On the top of the video navigation bar, there is a preview image of the video.

    2. By focusing on the preview image, a search results bar will be displayed on the top of the screen, and listing the video images retrieved by video mining.

    3. By focusing on one of the preview image on the search results bar, a video navigation bar for the video will be displayed on the top of the screen.

    4, With the memory resources allow, the previous two steps can go on to a infinite loop.

Advantages of the disclosure:

1. Search for video without entering the key words
2. Search for video without changing the current screen
3. It can be extended to image search
4. It can be extended...