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Method to set anchor points and go back in dynamic page Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236838D
Publication Date: 2014-May-19
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Disclosed is a method to set anchor points and go back in dynamic page. Because the long list scrolling design is common for mobile devices, this method can help user to set anchor points while scaning the content and jump back to the bookmarked postion to read the content. This method is also applicable for the dynamic content pages such as Facebook, Twitter.

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Method to set anchor points and go back in dynamic page

     Long list for scrolling is the current UI design trend because of the popularity of mobile device. And the design method is widely used in social network websites for dynamically loading the messages to reduce the mass data transmission. A good example is Facebook, which will load more data when scrolling down the page and also add new messages in the meantime. However, in this way, users easily got lost when scrolling bake to find some messages. The traditional way to solve it is to memorize the approximate relative position of the whole content and try to scroll to the position to find it. But it's not workable under dynamically loading data UI because new messages will be added from the content head and tail. Thus, a method is proposed to scrolling back to the content that user wants.

     The proposed method is to fast scrolling back to a highlighted content that user sets. User can mark their anchor point when reading through the content. When scrolling back, the search mode will be activated and the screen shots of anchor points that user set will be listed. The page will then navigate to the anchor point after user chooses one from them.

     This method has the following features: 1. Dynamically setting anchor points 2. Automatically activated when scrolling back 3. Easily find the anchor point by screen shots 4. Precisely navigate to the anchor point even the message is changing position
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