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Generic cookies for cross-website preferences. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236875D
Publication Date: 2014-May-20
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Generic cookies for cross-website preferences.

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Generic cookies for cross-website preferences.

Websites frequently use a "cookie" mechanism to store information about a user, and their preferences, on the user's own computer. When a website is loaded, it uses a cookie to render the website in a way that has been customised for a user.

However, there are certain preferences that could be applied to many

websites. For example, most online retailers offer two options when viewing a large number of goods, list view and grid view. They also frequently let the user determine how many items should be displayed on a page (20, 50, all, for example). It seems that there is no existing method to store these kind of preferences for use by multiple websites.

    The idea in this publication is for generic 'cookies' that store a user's preferences for website behaviours that can be applied to multiple websites.

    The information is stored once on the user's computer, and can then be used by multiple websites to honour that user's preferences. With this idea, each time a user visited an online retailer's website, they would have the same experience in terms of goods being listed as grid/list, and how many goods to be displayed on a page.

This would also work with any browser on the system where the cookie is

written. Therefore the key advantages are that user preferences are saved, and they are not web site or browser specific. When a user selects "view all" on one online retailer's website, they would be prompted to decide wheth...