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A novel method for fast 32G Fiber Channel link synchronization Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236889D
Publication Date: 2014-May-21
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This publication suggest an alternative method for implementing a fast synchronization method for single lane 32G FibreChannel links..

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A novel method for fast 32 32

32G Fiber Channel link synchronization

G Fiber Channel link synchronization

Since 32GFC is a single lane communication protocol, a mechanism
is needed to align the incoming data to the beginning of a FEC

The current 32GFC Standard defines a method for achieving block
lock synchronization at the FEC function which takes a very long
time to complete. (Cite: T11/13-115v3 Section 6.6),

Our invention defines a simple method to quickly achieve a block
lock synchronization at a fraction of the time the standard's
method completes.

Our invention adds a synchronization state (FEC.sync_state) to
the Forward Error Correction (FEC) function which indicates when
synchronization is achieved.

While FEC.sync_state == sync_local the FEC will transmit a known
pattern "MARKER1" at the beginning of every FEC codeword.

Once the FEC receive logic identifies 3 consecutive MARKER1
pattern FEC.sync_state will transition to train_remote state.

When FEC.sync_state == sync_remote the FEC will insert a slightly
different pattern "MARKER2" indicating to the remote side that it
has achieved lock.

Once FEC.sync_state == sync_remote and 3 consecutive "MARKER2"
FEC.sync_state transitions to synced.

When FEC.sync_state == synced normal data transmission proceeds.