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On demand group chat logging in a distributed environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236892D
Publication Date: 2014-May-21
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A method that enable on-demand group chat logging in a distributed environment. The invention is designed to allow an instant messaging server to log a group chat content remotely to chat servers of the participants who require chat logging, and to dynamically start/stop logging on different chat servers based on group chat participants.

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On demand group chat logging in a distributed environment

Many enterprises require that employee communications will be
centrally logged in order to be available for a later auditing.
This requirement may be derived from government laws, industry
regulations or company policies. Among others one of the
communication types that is required to be logged is instant
messaging. This includes storing the content of 1-1 and group
chats. Participants of a group chat may be located in different
geographies and subject to different regulations. Some of them
might require chat logging while others might not. In some cases
the same chat should be logged and stored in multiple

    The invention is designed to allow the instant messaging
server to log the chat content remotely on the chat servers of
the participants that require chat logging. The content of a
group chat may be logged on multiple servers in different
geographies. Group chat will be logged on a particular server
only as long as there are chat participants from that server who
require chat logging.

    The advantages of this method are:
1) Usually global instant messaging systems login users to
their home server in a specific geography. Each user that
requires chat logging will have each of the group chats he
participated in logged on his home server/s. All chats of that
user will be logged in the same geography, making it easier for
them being collected for auditing.

2) Chat logging databases in different geographies will only
contain the group chats with participants from those geographies.
This creates an even bigger benefit if different geographies are
administrated by different IT departments and each IT department
needs to audit its users separately from logs located locally for
that geography.

3) Another benefit of having the chats being logged only on the
servers to which the users login is the ability to define the
same home server/s for all the users in the enterprise that
require chat logging. For example such users might be the finance
accounting department of the enterprise which is the only
department in the enterprise requiring chat logging because of
government laws. In such a deployment chat logging would be
enabled only on specific servers, making auditing much easier and
saving the costs of additional hardware and software for chat
logging on other servers.

4) Group chats are logged only when users that require chat
logging participate in the chat. This results in smaller amount
of data being logged, which allows using less hardware for chat
logging and making auditing an easier and a faster process.

5) The invention is suitable for deployments where the
enterprise instant messaging system is connected to other

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external instant messaging systems. It will allow each enterprise

to collect and audit the group chats content of its users
independently on servers from which community hosted the group
chat. External instant messaging systems can be called external
communities. The local enter...