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A method to locate and navigator using moblie device & paper map Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236899D
Publication Date: 2014-May-21
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Navigation applicaitons are widely used in mobile device. But for all existing navigation applications network or pre-downloaded map is the precondition to make them work. Think about if no wifi cover or digital map downloaded, how people find their way? This disclosure presents a navigation solution using a paper map and a mobile device with photograph and GPS functioned. The disclosure first stores all landmarks in the mobile devive with name and GPS position. This largely reduces the storage required and is lightweight. Then take a picture of the papermap. GPS component of the mobile device will detect current GPS position and search the stored GPS database to find 3 closest GPS landmarks. User needs to tag the 3 landmarks on map picture on the mobile device and this links the GPS positions with position on map. Using current GPS position, the current position on map can be calculated and marked. The algrithm to calculate can refer to patent CN101210964. Meanwhile, the coordinate system is setup. User can find their position on mobile device and find way to targe. When user is moving, the position on mobile device moves dynamically. This helps users to find the direction. With the position and moving direction marked on mobile device together with map picture, user can easily find their way without network or navigation maps stored in advance.

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A method to locate and navigator using moblie device

A method to locate and navigator using moblie device

Currently there are many navigation APPs in mobile device. For all of them, network is the precondition to make them work. The navigation can only be started:

- when the network is available to access the on-line digital map.

- when the digital atlas(which are very large) has been downloaded to the local mobile software in advance.

With this limitation, it always be a problem when we lost on the way without wifi cover, and there is no digital map download in our mobile software.

Even we have the GPS and the paper map, we've no idea about " where I am?"

The core idea of this invention is to locate the current position using a paper map and a mobile device with photograph and GPS functioned.

The principle of work is: There must be 3 iconic objects in the paper map whose coordinates (longitude and latitude) are saved in the mobile database.

To implement the navigation, we take a picture of the paper map and locate the 3 iconic objects in the map picture.

According to our current coordinate which can be obtained by GPS, our current position can be calculated and displayed in the map picture.

The advantages of our solution:

1. Our solution doesn't need any signal except GPS

2. Database to store the iconic objects is quite smaller than current offline digital map

3. We can continuously calculate the position in the paper which will be like a lightweight navigator....