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Mobile device status sent by server

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236905D
Publication Date: 2014-May-21
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Disclosed is a method to work through the server to automatically update the communication status of a cell phone or mobile device user (i.e., call recipient) and relay that information to a person trying to reach them (i.e., call sender).

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Mobile device status sent by server

When a user places call to a cell phone or mobile device and the recipient is not available, the caller is left with no information about the receiver's status or ability to receive communication (could be technical issues, dead battery, recipient is on an airplane or in a meeting, etc.).

The solution is a system that enables a mobility server to relay the status of the cell phone user (i.e., call recipient), such as location or phone status, to the person trying to communicate with the cell phone user (i.e., call sender) by using a heartbeat to update the user's status to the server. If the user is in airplane mode, driving, has low battery power, or has a weak signal, then the server is updated with the user's status. The server then sends a quick response to the sender, informing the sender of the receiver's ability to accept communications.

Server response features include:

• Send a text message when user is unavailable • Send a text message indicating when user will be available
• Voice response indicating user is unavailable