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A Mechanism to Assist the Information Enter for web project on Mobile Device

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236966D
Publication Date: 2014-May-23
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To input more efficiently is one critical issue in mobile application. The client can't input smoothly because the keyboard display different types of characters in different input panels. The client needs to swith panels to input all contents. Moreover, sometimes the keyborad is too small to make the client input precisely. The disclosure wants to introduce one mechanism which will help the application to create the soft keyboard according to the input validation JavaScript function. So all charaters needed in one input field will be displayed in one keyboard and the client can resize the keyboard to help his/her input.

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A Mechanism to Assist the Information Enter for web project on Mobile Device

More and more clients use the smart phone to operate some actions in the internet. They need to input(select) different infos in different web site. But it is not convenient to do such actions with the following reasons:

1. It is hard to input different types of texts by switching different input panels(character, number, sign...)

2. The input panel does not the content that will input in the field, so it can't be optimized

3. When the page contains different input fields in different divisions, the client will forget the content inputted in the above fields.

4. When the keyboard pop up, the CSS for the page will be broken sometimes

5. When the inputted content is long, it is hard to locate the position and change it

6. No function support for searching content on page

7. Can't change the size, color and transparency of the input panel

We introduce 'A Mechanism to Assist the Information Enter for web project on Mobile Device' to resolve the the above issue with the following methods:

1. Help the client to concentrate the input(select) fields.

2. Create the smart input panel what will predict the content inputted in the field

3. Give the context for each field by three types: label, surrounding text and snapshot

4. Change the input panel's size, color and transparency to convenient different clients.

The Mechanism includes the following process:

1. Read the HTML to extract the input and select field

2. Then read the JavaScript binding on different input and select field

3. Read the JavaScript binding on the submit function

4. Analyze the functions to extract the input condition functions

5. Extract the label, surrounding text and snapshot for each input field

6. Create the input page and bind the input panel creation function for different field

7. Make the input panel can be drag, magnify and minify

8. Save the input history and change the priority when create the input panel


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To finish the all process of the disclosure, the following action should be done:
1. To analyze the functions to extract the input condition function, the plugin should do the following actions:
Use JavaScript injection to customize the way a web page displays or behaves, by using small bits of JavaScript. The mobile version can be found here.

Use functions to get the source path of the embedded JavaScript (e.g. document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0].src) Read all embedded JavaScript content by AJAX request
Get the bind function info considering two different scenarios
JavaScript libraries which typically maintain a cache of attached events, the...