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Technique to alert smartphone users to status of traffic signals Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236971D
Publication Date: 2014-May-23
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This article describes techniques on how to enable the traffic signal alert to smart phone solution. The focus area here is to provide means to alert the driver using his smart phone while at halt in a traffic signal light.

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Technique to alert smartphone users to status of traffic signals

In this article, disclosed is a device to assist in traffic flow in the modern world of drivers using smartphones while they are stopped at a traffic signal. In most places it is illegal to use smart phone(s) while driving. However, in most places drivers are allowed to use the device if they are stopped at a stop light (Traffic Signal). The problem with this is that they are looking at the device when the light turns green and traffic is delayed in starting until the driver is alerted to the light change. 86 percent of the respondents in Beijing, 87 percent in Shenzhen, 70 percent in New Delhi, and 61 percent in Nairobi report traffic as a key inhibitor to work or school performance.

This article contains, Machine to Machine communication of traffic signal status using GPS, short range wireless and accelerometer technologies. It details about different display techniques for the system such as

Traffic light color appearing in the background

Traffic light color appearing as an icon at the corner Intersection map showing all direction status Counter

The only known way of alerting a driver to the fact that the light has changed is something external to the smart phone they are looking at. The existing approach comprise of following manual mode:

1. "Presence of Mind" technique.

2. Driver sets an alarm on his smart phone - but this requires him to know the exact duration between status change of traffic signal lights.

3. Other driver around provides indication.

The existing solutions refer to application of traffic control system in vehicle inspection, using smart phones for reducing vehicle accidents, capturing traffic light signal status and like but none of the existing solutions has any resemblance to alerting the driver with respect to change in traffic light signal status.


The article includes techniques to enable the traffic signal alert to smart phone solution. The first part of the solution includes an intelligent traffic signal system that can communicate its status using short range wireless technologies to other computing devices. The second part of the solution includes a smart phone application that is integrated with the devices Global Position System (GPS) radio, short range wireless radios and accelerometers that are integrated into the device. The application can be running in the background monitoring the location of the smart phone using GPS


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technologies. When the application detects it is stopped at an intersection, the application can receive traffic signal status from the intelligent traffic signal system.

The application can then use one of the following techniques to display and alert the status of the signal to a user that is looking at their smart phone. The solution can detect if the smart phone is being used by detecting if the screen is turned on and the accelerometer is detecting movement.

Application shows the...