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Integration of heat sink and light reflector –down light Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236977D
Publication Date: 2014-May-23
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Integration of heat sink and light reflector -down light

Current down light construction is an alloy base plus reflector. Alloy base is used for heat dissipation, and it also needs to be painted for appearance improvement. The new construction will integrate function of heat dissipation and reflector to get good heat dissipation and suitable lumen output. It will save much processing and material cost.

The proposed down light can simplify the construction and improve efficiency of mass production.

1) Construction
a. Simplify the construction, PCBA touch case directly.

b. The construction consists of housing, diffuser, driver cover and terminal cover.
c. Good heat dissipation.

d. The housing here is a ceramic housing with good heat dissipation performance.
e. Several vents are provided in the housing for improving the heat dissipation.

2) Assembly process
a. Solder wire to PCBA
b. Mount PCBA in the housing and solder wire to driver.
c. Mount driver cover and terminal cover
d. Mount diffuser

Figure 1 - Overview of the new down light

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Terminal cover

Driver cover


Heat dissipation plastic



Fig. 2 - Exploded drawing of the new down light


Fig. 3-Venting for air flow, bring heat outside efficiently