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Website history back Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236982D
Publication Date: 2014-May-23
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Disclosed is a method to locally store a snapshot version of website content and create a new button termed, "exact back", which allows a user who leaves that primary page to return to it and see it in the same state as when it was left.

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Website history back

Many web pages contain numerous links and advertisements. These pages often update content in real time. The user might want more information about more than one of these content items. When the user clicks on a link, it can lead to an external site. When the user clicks the back button on the browser to return to the original page, it does not return to the original page but to the page as it currently exists.

The novel contribution is a method to locally store a snapshot version of the website content and create a new button termed, "exact back". This brings up the cached page instead of reloading the web page, and allows a user to view the exact advertisements, content, comments, etc. that existed before following the external link.

One existing technology verifies whether the data has changed and reloads the page. If the data has changed, then the disclosed solution allows the user to decide whether to reload (regular back) or use the saved version (exact back).

There are several methods to accomplish this:

 A local cached version of the webpage is captured. An additional benefit to this method is that mobile users with limited data plans do not have to continually re-fetch webpages.

 The server can keep data on the user that left and when (e.g., cookies, Internet Protocol (IP) tracking, etc.); thus, when that person enters the website again using an "exact back" button, the page is reconstructed, as it existed when the user left.