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Multi function HDD latch design Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237002D
Publication Date: 2014-May-26
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Designing a multiple function HDD latch in extreme tiny space is disclosed. Users only need to have one press down action and can have disconnect, pull-out and eject functions sequentially.

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Multi function HDD latch design

In some situations, we only left extremely small space to support 2 LFF HDD. There is no enough space for finger access to the HDD. To have a feature can help to access to the HDD is preferred and required.

We came out an idea to design a latch which could hold the HDD also pushed up the HDD while HDD disconnected so that use have enough space to hold the device outside its cage.

Provided is a thin multiple function latch which can lock/unlock the HDD and push up the HDD so that user can get more space to access to this device.

The idea: