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The system and method for enlarging objects dynamically in presentation

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237005D
Publication Date: 2014-May-27

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This invention provides a method of logical unit oriented enlargement with automatically layout to highlight current presenting content by speaker dynamically without special preparation, thus the logical unit of words, pictures or topologies with details can be illustrated clearly which helps audience to understand the content well. This article describes the problem and background for this invention, then gives the core idea, at last, detail implementation is provided.

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The system and method for enlarging objects dynamically in presentation

Presentation system is an important system for delivering the idea of the speaker, and was the major component of the most office software. Normally the presentation words will be keep the original size as it is. However, you may encounter such problems in traditional presentation slides, as persons who take the rear seats, or some word or picture is not in big enough size for the audience to see clearly. If the corresponding words or pictures can be zoomed in proper size when speaker introduce it dynamically, the audience can see each part clearly with speaker's focus by mouse or laser pointer.

The traditional method is using animation to enlarge words font, but for every slides to do animation need lots of effort and the focus and highlight cannot be dynamically changed by this way, only predefined setting words in animation can be highlight. And the highlight display also help to focus the key content, but content cannot be enlarged, and it cannot be dynamically changed by speaker's focus, too.

This disclosure give an innovation way to highlight current presentation content by speaker dynamically and can play enlarged words and pictures without special preparation, thus the words and pictures with details can be saw clearly by audience which helps audience to understand the presentation well.

In this disclosure, we introduce a method of dynamic zooming in logical units with speaker's focus to highlight by mouse, by gesture or laser pointer in presentation system. The disclosure works as following way:1. From presentation start, the speaker is able to point out the part by laser pointer he is currently focus with this system, and the focus part words font or pictures will be zooming in when he is introducing this part.

2. Other logical units as words or picture will be automatically layout in the screen.

3. When speaker changed to next part, this part will return to normal, and next focus part will be zooming in, this procedure will keep on till the presentation end.

By using this dynamic zooming in logical units presentation system, the presentation content can be enlarged with speaker's current topic by speaker's gesture , by mouse or laser pointer any time dynamically, this enabled all the audience can see the presentation slides clearly and get speaker's focus easily even they take rear seat.

The dynamic zooming in logical units presentation system will bring the following benefits:

It help audience to see the current presentation content clearly even if they take rear seat.

It benefits the speaker in delivering his idea with more focus.

It enables the audiences to catch the speaker's focus more clearly.

There are some software which can provide zooming function when in presentation, but as all of them are based on physical zooming, they have 2 problems:
1. The zooming part is not a logical object, which cannot show the complete meaning for a logical ob...