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Combine Note PC battery and LED as a flashlight. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237013D
Publication Date: 2014-May-27
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Disclosed is a technology related to combining Note PC battery and LED as a flashlight.

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Combine Note PC battery and LED as a flashlight .

In the recent years, we can see the frequency of nature disaster (earthquake, typhoon, etc) is very high, and this will cause blackout easily. On the other hand, now NB is a very common product in most of family and offices. If we can add LED light on NB battery to include flashlight function, this function can be applied when blackout happen and to reduce unnecessary accidents.

Application of the invention:

Concept 1:

Add a LED light on the side wall. This solution let the user hold the battery easily and let the user use the battery just like the flashlight.

Concept 2:

Add a LED light on the back side of the battery. When the blackout happens, let the user continue to use NB instead of disassembling battery from NB. Other people can use the light in front of NB to act and to reduce the fear from the dark environment.


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Preferred Solution:

We just need to add an electrical wire from PCB to LED and power switch then we can implement this solution.


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