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Method or mobile application for cardless transaction at a merchant.

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Publication Date: 2014-May-27
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This article briefs a method or a mobile application that would enable cardless transactions at any merchant

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Method or mobile application for cardless transaction at a merchant .

Persons these days prefer doing transactions using one or more of cards. However, carrying 'n' number of cards in a wallet every day is a burden. Cards can be stolen and misused. A person may forgot his card at merchant location after using it for a purchase. Alternately, a merchant may doubt user of the card as its authentic user.

The present article is about avoiding the need of carrying cards and a solution that describes carrying out transactions at merchant location using mobile application.

Mobile application can execute a transaction by sending an SMS (Short Messaging Service) to both the user bank and the merchant bank for validation of transaction. In the process, mobile number of the user, and his biometric information available with the bank is used as an authentication step.

For the execution of the mobile application, it is assumed that a person has registered his mobile number with his bank account and has further stored his Bio-metric data with his Bank.

Mobile application is configured to scan either a person's finger print or retina using a scanner available as an application in a mobile. Scanned data containing bio metric information of person is then transferred by a network provider from the mobile application to the bank, such that both the Mobile number and bio metric information of a person must be available with the bank. Further, the mobile application accepts inputs like buyer bank name, amount, seller mobile number and bank name.

  Further, for the execution of card less transaction, as a prerequisite, both the buyer and the seller, need to link their mobile numbers with their respective banks. If a user holds 'n' cards and each card is from a different bank, then the user needs to register for each of the cards, his mobile number along with the biometric infor...