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Hardware call home service button Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237053D
Publication Date: 2014-May-29
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Disclosed is a technology related to a hardware call home service button.

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Hardware call home service button

Call home feature is a communication link that is established between a product and a service provider.

In the current system design, even though iMM or BMC firmware provided the call home feature, it is still difficult and inconvenient for the system administrators to easily and quickly report system issues to the service provider.

In summary, the hardware button is used to link the service call home feature. Idiot-proof mechanism can prevent the user from wrongly press the button. The feature shall be able to be cancelled or terminated once activated.

The idea:
- Providing a dedicated hardware key for the service call home feature.

- Co-exist with the current software call home feature, this hardware button can serve as an emergency button, like the "emergency button" in the elevator or "service call button" on the airplane.

- To be used when the system administrator is inside of datacenter and find the problem system. In case the person can't fix it onsite, then he/she can press the service call home button for service.

- Administrators can define the rule for this "service call home button", such as send out to a pre-defined message to service provider's mobile phone or email service team to request for on-site support.

- There should be an idiot-proof mechanism to prevent user from wrongly press the button.

*Call home feature is initiated once the button has been continuous pressed for pre-defined period of seconds.