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BMC Central Control HDD Status Both for SW and HW RAID Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237054D
Publication Date: 2014-May-29
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Disclosed is a technology related to BMC central control HDD Status both for software and hardware RAID.

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BMC Central Control HDD Status Both for SW and HW RAID

Problem Definition:

1. Current Design
A. RAID controller or SAS/SATA Expander drive HDD status LED signals for each HDD status indicative LEDs via the general purpose input/output pins(GPIO) of RAID controller/expander chip.

B. Through sideband signals of RAID controller/Expander chip connect to System HDD Back plane Board(BPB), using decoding IC(Current IBM BPB used is CNTLR48P_MG9077) on BPB to decode sideband commends then drive HDD status LEDs via the GPIOs of decoding IC.

2. Problem on Current Design

Problem of A. The major problem on above design A is: We need spare dozens of controller/expander GPIOs for these HDD LEDs indicative signals. For signal transmission, scores of cable wires or connector pins also should be considered to archive the design toward Cabling and Board to Board conduction Solution respectively.

Problem of B. Because of above imperfection of solution A, some designers change using sideband signals from RAID controller/expander chip to drive these HDD status LED signals. Of cause, some sideband commend decoding schematic need to implement. For this application, we must connect these sideband signals to system HDD BPB. But if we want Server Baseboard Management Controller(BMC) to read these HDD status for some event recording/reporting, the other communication interface between BMC and RAID controller/expander should be considered as well (This is for RAID down design, which is RAID solution mounts on Mother board). Besides, if the application is RAID adapter, there is lack of such RAID sideband signals defined in standard PCI-e CEM specification.

Moreover, if our platform both support Software(SW) and Hardware(HW) RAID configurations, to provide a central HDD status reading/recording/...