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Innovative Compression Plate Design Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237060D
Publication Date: 2014-May-29
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Innovative Compression Plate Design


An automotive fuel vapor storage system includes a carbon canister. The carbon canister has a carbon compression plate to compress the carbon pellets over time to reduce the carbon pellet movement. US Patent 6,321,726 illustrates such a spring loaded plate. Lose carbon pellets may convert into carbon powder to clog the system. To maintain the constant pressure of spring the compression plate must move without restriction. Carbon pellets can be stuck in the space between carbon canister wall and the compression plate. This can potentially fail the mechanism to work.


We have designed carbon compression plates to reduce or eliminate the failure mode of carbon pellets sticking to gap between canister inner wall and the compression plate sliding surface. Following are design solutions to eliminate such a failure mode.

Carbon Canister Compression Plate Top View

Concept # 1: Add horizontal rib all 4 sides

Section A-A, BB, DD & CC

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Concept # 2: Add vertical rib all 4 sides

Section A-A, BB, DD & CC

Concept # 3: Move outer wall and change angle

Section A-A, BB, DD & CC

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