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Video Scroll Detection and Masking Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237065D
Publication Date: 2014-May-29
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Disclosed is a method to reduce the undesired effects of a scrolling feed at the bottom of a video broadcast by enabling video display devices to incorporate automatic detection and elimination of a scroll.

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Video Scroll Detection and Masking

Television broadcast networks often use a ticker-tape type of scrolling feed (herein referred to as scroll) to the bottom of a video broadcast. Most of the world and national news broadcast networks run an ongoing scroll as part of the around-the-clock coverage, while other networks and local affiliates typically run a scroll only during news programs.

These scrolls run the same information, minute after minute, seldom changing it. In the case of a news scroll, the same content may cycle for many minutes and even hours without change. For sports related scrolls, results of other sporting events are often scrolled. Additionally, there has been scroll creep to where the networks are dedicating an increasing amount of video screen space to the scroll. The negative aspects of these video scrolls are:

 Reduced video screen size to account for the scroll

 Sports scores and results are displayed that the viewer does not want to see

 General distraction from the main show or sport being broadcasted

A method is needed to reduce these undesired effects of the video scroll.

The solution is a method to enable the display devices to incorporate automatic detection elimination of a scroll. It eliminates the scroll by either blanking pixels or stretching the remaining video content into the area of the scroll. A subcategory of this is repeat detection, which only displays the scroll when content of the scroll has changed.

This solution consists...