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Criminal Detection and Avoidance System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237068D
Publication Date: 2014-May-29
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Disclosed is a method to implement an automated alarm system to warn an individual when in proximity to a registered criminal offender. The system utilizes current databases of registered offenders and maps those to a user’s Global Positioning System.

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Criminal Detection and Avoidance System

States commonly keep records of felons living in an area. A method is needed to utilize these records to provide door-to-door solicitors with an automatic notification of the location of potentially dangerous felons.

The disclosure describes a method to take information from a state's database of registered criminal offenders, map that database to a Global Positioning System (GPS), and provide an alarm or special alert when the solicitor is in close proximity to the offender's address. In addition, the method can track the offender's location if that person leaves the premises (i.e. home) and set an alarm if a young solicitor is within a certain range of the offender. Tracking can be done through a method similar to one that is currently used to track tractor-trailer movement along associated destinations.

Current prior art exists for locating hotels, tourists locations, etc.; however, this novel system provides a warning for young solicitors in surrounding areas of a criminal's registered address.

To implement the disclosed solution, the addresses listed in the states' criminal database of registered criminal offenders are sent to the GPS location database and continually updated. The addresses can be highlighted on a GPS system. When a young solicitor enters an area within a certain radius of a registered felon, an alarm is sent to the solicitor warning of potential problems. As the young solicitor gets within a closer r...