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Loading Mechanism for Large Form Factor Sockets Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237074D
Publication Date: 2014-May-29
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Disclosed is a loading mechanism for large form factor sockets.

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Loading Mechanism for Large Form Factor Sockets

Semiconductor devices such as microprocessors are attached to the substrate through C4 solder which are then generally encapsulated. Substrates are then are attached to the card through full land grid arrays (LGA), hybrid LGA, or using solder as interconnects. The socket interfaces with connection on the package to distribute power to and signals from the semiconductor device. Various types of actuation mechanisms currently exist to enable these connections. The current disclosure is focused on addressing the variability produced by socket contact design and a way to mitigate extra contact wipe produced by rotation of the socket and lateral motion of the module during actuation.

    The core idea of the invention involves modifying the current actuation mechanism to help mitigate rotation of the socket and lateral movement of the module.

    The contact distribution of the a first socket having a first form factor LGA having four quadrants (Socket 3000 below), and a second socket having a second form factor (Socket 3777 below) is shown in the following file. During T1 testing of a particular module, it was found that the cantilever-designed actuation hardware induces lateral movement of the socket resulting in unacceptable wipe. Detailed wipe analysis showed lateral movement in excess of 120 um. These wipes resulted in fails during T1 testing. One TV showed 26 opens after the test. A detailed force analysis and FEA was per...