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A Method of Heuristic Interactive Content Search Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237083D
Publication Date: 2014-May-30
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This disclosure provides an easy and effective heuristic web search approach by category combination and bidirectional selection. It guides user to select proper search condition through heuristic categories and setup the filter conditions by combining categories and selecting bidirectional options. Also user can reduce the search scope by giving certain category values. Combining with commercial model and users' habit, it can further shorten the distance between searching and users, achieve advertising precision, and promote users' searching experience.

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A Method of Heuristic Interactive Content Search

Most of web sites provide the search capability. It helps users to find their interesting contents, for example searching news in media sites or searching goods in e-commerce sites. It is significant for a web site to provide easy and effective search approach.

This disclosure provides an easy and effective approach to help users find interesting contents based on heuristic interactive method.

The main idea of this disclosure is that web site provides a heuristic interactive approach to guide user most related information by categories for already entered keywords. User can select the direct interesting results or choose more keywords once for deep search.

1. A heuristic interactive approach

Web site provides as more helpful information as possible before user finally submits search keywords. The Figure 1 below is to describe the approach.

Figure 1

When user enter the keyword "smart cell phone" in the search input box, the keyword sensor in the client side, for example browser, would retrieve information from sever interactively. The information would include the hottest hitting keywords and categories based on entered keywords.

2. Combine the categories once for deep search

Based on the retrieved information for entered keyword, user can combine more filter keywords once for further search. The Figure 2~4 is to describe how to choose more category options.


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Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Here size and core are selected. User wants to focus on "smart cell phone with 4 cores and size of 5 inches".

3. All options are sorted

Whatever the category or the category options, all of them are sorted. Less interesting informa...