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Rendering page content from the center of screen. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237084D
Publication Date: 2014-May-30
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When a large web page which contains lots of rich content is loaded on a latency network, it will take time to display page contents piece by piece, and it might bring trouble for the user when he tries to focus on reading single content since the page is frequently repainted and page contents are always re-positioned. The idea of this disclosure aims to improve the user experience of browsering and stick the position of currently reading page content to the center of visible area during the page loading, and provide a new method for the position calculation and painting of page content.

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Rendering page content from the center of screen

Rendering page content from the center of screen.


When the user browsers a web page in a browser, sometimes, it will bring troubles for him to focus on reading single content in the page while the page contains the lots of rich text and pictures and there is obviously latency on the network or the downloading of these rich content.

For example, there is a big picture followed by some text in the page and it needs time to load the picture. Then, when the user opens the page, the text is loaded, and the user can read the text area at the top of page without the big picture. Then seconds later, after the big picture finished loaded and displayed in the page, the big picture will push down the text area, and more worse, the text area may be pushed out of the view area of browser, then the user has to scroll down to re-locate the text area and continue reading, if there are many contents in the page which need time to load, then the user has to scroll down or up again and again to re-locate content for reading. Sometimes the user cannot continue read anything when the repaint page action frequently happens on a page with lots of big size contents under a long latency network environment like Internet.

This behavior is defined by current mechanism in loading the page content. Current mechanism of browser is to load page content, and get content's css style, and then repaint the page to show the page content. If the content's css is changed, browser will repaint the page to show the page content with new style. In the scenario list above, before the big image is loaded, the text area has one position, after images are loaded, the text area css is changed and browser will repaint to show new position of text area. And the position of each content is always calculated from the base point (0,0) on the top-left of the page, Following this mechanism, the user may lost the view of the text after reading since the position of text area changes.

For example, in figure 1, when the piece of contents in the page is first loaded and the visible area of page is within the blue block list below. During the loading of page contents, the user scrolls down and focus on the second text section and starts to read the text. At this moment, the picture above the text area finishes the asynchronized loading and starts to repaint the page. Then the text area which the user is reading will be push down and move out of the view area and replace by the new paint the picture.

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The idea tries to find a way to avoid re-locating the page content during the rendering of large page content, and keep the position of reading area in the center of screen before the finish of whole page rendering. The idea list below is to improve the mechanism of page rendering to preserve the current visible content in the view area during the page loading, and avoid the unexpected repaint and chang...