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MiddleMan – automatic, non-invasive database migration converter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237110D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-03
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In this publication we present a component (additional layer) for possible solution of migration database management system with limited access to the client application source code.

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There are multiple database management systems available on the market today. Each of them provides more or less the same functionality through very similar but not identical mechanisms. Therefore, changing database management system requires numerous tasks involving both database and application changes. Sometimes, some names have to be changed only, another time whole application has to be rewritten. Discussed solution can simplify, automate or even eliminate some of those tasks, as follows:

application code migration
migration of both static and dynamic SQL testing correctness of the migration.

Another concern is access to the application source code. Frequently, companies running business are using software, which turns out to be a 3rd party, and no access to the source code is possible, or can be a nuisance. In such scenario, even if minor changes are required to the application code only (i.e. changing names of some SQL functions), still whole migration has to be stopped until an agreement with the software vendor is reached.

The idea is to put another component (level) between a client application and a database engine. This additional component will recognize all the traffic between the client and the database and will be able to log it and modify according to user defined rules. The client application will still assume it is connected to the database directly,

whereas the new component will read all the traffic, convert accordingly to the rules and execute against the database. Then, it will read the response sent from the database and will send it back to the client application. Thanks to this solution, the target database management system can be migrated, while the application code will remain untouched.

As far as we know, as far as we checked, there exists no comprehensive solution to perform migration without access to the client application source code with integrated dynamic SQL migration and test capabilities.

The solution provides a way to migrate database management system with no or limited access to the client applications source code. Additionally, it may help with migration of dynamic SQL and with testing the migration correctness.

Some use cases:

Log all SQL activities between client applications and a database.

Modify SQL statements according to the rules defined by a user to make them compliant with the new database engine (new SQL dialect, new SQL functions names, etc.).

Log dynamic SQL statements (before migration - to evaluate the migration feasibility and complexness; after migration to modify them dynamically).



non- -invasive database migration converter

invasive database migration converter

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