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Toroidal Graphical User Interface (TGUI)

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237111D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-03
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The article’s aim is to present the solution of Toroidal Graphical User Interface (TGUI) comprised of: - Displaying on a computer display a sequence of application windows/panels on respective segments of a virtual torus; - Highlighting a focus on a current window/panel (step “Window N”); - Allowing a user to interact with the current window/panel (step “Window N”), resulting in input information for the application; - Displaying a set of possible future options for the next window/panel (“Window N+1”) on the next torus segment - the set of options depending at least on the input information relating to the current window/panel by virtual scrolling of (“Window N+1”) torus segment vertical elements; - Providing a user random access to at least windows/panels preceding the current window/panel by horizontal rotating the virtual torus and selecting for a review a desired window/panel on the virtual torus.

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Toroidal Graphical User Interface (

The most of current computer system user interfaces allow the user to interact with the system and/or application in order to access and/or modify the information generated by the system in many different ways. The graphical user interfaces (GUIs) usually base on generalized graphical windows concept, facilitating the most of common operations, such as displaying (scrolling, zooming, rotating, changing visual attributes, etc.) and modifying any content (text, hypertext, 2D and/or 3D graphics). The GUI

windows are placed around the screen or multiple screens and may be adjusted up to the user's preferences. The special type of graphical user interfaces is used for step by step wizard based applications (e.g. installation, configuration, etc.). In such cases, the consecutive windows corresponding to each relevant configuration and/or installation steps are displayed providing a user control of the process and allowing to perform each step with given options "Next" and "Back". Such a "classic" wizard graphical user interface has one major limitation: the access to the previous and next windows is limited by options Next/Back in a sequential mode.

Our proposed method and system of Toroidal Graphical User Interface (TGUI) provides a computer user more flexible method of navigating thru the all wizard dialog windows

without current limitations (random vs. sequential). The TGUI may be manipulated in three dimensions as the wizard dialog windows are placed over torus 3D surface (Figure no. 1). Furthermore, user can access all previous and windows without loosing current focus and context relevant to the current wizard configuration/installation stage. User can also access all possible window options of next stage thru vertical scroll of the torus segment ring.

Based on the research thru Prior Art as well as Patents databases and what we have been able to gather so far, there exists no similar similar solution to providing such flexible 3D UI functionality.

The major solution features:

One complex Toroidal Graphical User Interface (...