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Method to reduce paper waste when using communal printers

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237142D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-05
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A method is disclosed for reducing wastage when using a communal printer. This is achieved by selectively printing a banner/separator-sheet, instead of automatically printing one per print job. Currently communal network printers can be setup to print banner/separator-sheets before and/ or after a print job. This allows the user to find their output more easily amongst others in a single output tray. However these sheets waste paper as they are usually thrown away after the printing has been collected.

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Method to reduce paper waste when using communal printers

A separator sheet is only required if there are multiple print jobs in the output tray

which have not been collected and need to be separated.

    Separate output trays can be used, however, this is an expensive solution and may also require cover sheets in high throughput cases.

    This article describes a method in which a separator sheet is not required in all cases and so saves paper:

    Using a simple sensor the printer can decide whether or not to print the separator sheet, as the printer can determine if it needs to separate any print jobs.

    Additionally the printer can use the user to who sent the print job to determine if a separator sheet is required even if there is output in the printer tray.

    Advantages of this idea is that the sensors are cheap and the information required by the printer is already available in the print job. This will also save paper. Method

    1. A print job is received by the printer. The cover-sheet and user details are cached.

2. Is there printer output in the tray?

YES 3. Is the previous output from the same user as the current job? NO 4. Print out the cached cover-sheet

5. Print out the print job