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Multi hotlink backup extensible method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237173D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-06
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this Disclosuer can improve the stability and reliability of the network and give customer more option , the usually the failover use two link ,one link as master and another link as backup , but this scheme not enough robust, for impove old scheme ,this disclosuer use more link and arithmetic to select optimum link from multi-backup link after master link was down . this can used some topology like customer request high stable and HA enviroment.

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Multi hotlink backup extensible method

Link refers to two switch to transfer information in switch network. The network devices are connected by a single link connection is very easy to achieve, but a simple failure will cause switch network disruption. Therefore, in the actual network set up process, in order to improve the stability and reliability of the network, more than one network switch consisting of a switch network environment, shown in Figure l, usually use one backup connection, both have the same destination , select active port According to the link state of master port and backup port in initial phase, master port work active state, backup port work discard state, if master port link fault due to some reason, then backup port change discard state to forwarding state, work in active port state, please note, any logic port include single port, lacp trunk port, portchannel can be used as master port or backup port

                               Figure 1 Current hotlink backup
the above hotlink backup method solve the problem of communication link reachability in a certain extent,but from a security view,this way still does not achieve better results,if the backup port link in place to the master port link is working for some time due to some reasoncan not continue to work,and the master port link still in the down state,the whole network will paralyzed at this node, so the current hotlink backup method is less secure, less redundancy, less reliability.

The invention discloses a hotlink backup method , The method allow one master link and multi backup link for one hotlink group, in any time, only one logic link work in active state, at initialation, master port work in active state, all other ports work in discard state, if mater port link is disconnected due to a fault, then select one logic link port from all backup ports as active port, the others work in discard state, select port by port link cost and port id and priority, first check priority, if priority are same and port link cost are the same, the port which port id is lower can be selected as active port.

In order to solve the current hotlink method less secure issue and improve the network s...