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GPS based algorithm for determining safe driving Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237206D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-08
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A Global Positioning System (GPS) based algorithm for determining safe driving is disclosed.

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GPS based algorithm for determining safe driving

Disclosed is a Global Positioning System (GPS) based algorithm for determining safe driving.

Currently, car insurance rate are based on factors such as age, driving history, type of car, location etc. It takes into account only information about previous driving habits and not current driving habits. There is no real time calculation that is being done when

determining car insurance rate. Recently, the car insurance company, PROGRESSIVE

® has come up with a product they call "SNAPSHOT

                                 ® ". This device plugs into a car and monitors activity such as speed, miles driven and braking. However, this device does not take into account how all of this data factors in to where the car is being driven (for instance, the car may be going 65 MPH, but the speed limit in that zone could be either
70 MPH or 30 MPH which would greatly affect whether or not this counts as "safe" or "unsafe" driving). The disclosed invention would take incorporate GPS and other terrain related data into this equation. It can also include a proximity sensor to determine whether a user stopped suddenly because there was an object immediately in front of them. This proximity sensor can also determine how closely the car is driven to the car in front.

The disclosed device monitors the car's speed, braking, acceleration, proximity, etc. and compares it to GPS data to determine how safely the car is being driven. This information can then be used to determine things such car insurance rate. The type of terrain that a user is currently driving on and how fast it is going would also be factored into the d...