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Credit Card Photo Method and System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237209D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-09
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A system and method for providing a credit card photograph of the authorized user of the credit card is disclosed.

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Credit Card Photo Method and System

Disclosed is a system and method for providing a credit card photograph of the authorized user of the credit card.

This method enables anyone with a credit card to have a photo placed on the card without visiting the bank to take the photo. It also proves the user is the person having their picture placed on the credit card. Using a Thermal Plastic License does not provide a guarantee as they can be copied.

The Digital Mobile License (DML) has a Photo verified to belong to the individual to whom it was issued. This can be used since it is a signed JPG to create a Digital Credit Card or a Thermal Plastic Credit Card with a Photo. The picture is simply copied from the JPG.

In an example embodiment, the DML has a feature to send the license via the internet or the person can visit a Bank and send the DML to the Challenger (Bank Officer) form a mobile phone. Once this license is received if it can be displayed using the challenger Application. Once it is verified as authentic, this license photo can simply be extracted or be used as the DIgital Mobile Credit Card which is shown to the merchant when used at the point of service (POS).

Figure 1 depicts an overview of the DML, where

Issuer called the first party is shown in orange.

Owner called the second party is shown in blue.

Challenger called the third party is shown in green. The challenger needs to verify the identify.


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Figure 1

Figure 2 depicts the flow of the DM...