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Failure Data Capture enhancement on demand to support customer issues

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237224D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-09
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Disclosed is a technology related to failure data capture enhancement on demand to support customer issues.

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Failure Data Capture enhancement on demand to support customer issues

When customer/PE comes to IMM team when they encounter some issues, they will provide ffdc(First Failure Data Collect) log that can be gathered from IMM. But sometimes, not all needed logs are available by default. We may need some additional log for analyzing the root cause.

Below are some possible solutions using:
1. PE would need to be involve to help us to set OEM commands to collect additional log at customer site.

2. PE would need to reproduce it and instruct us how to duplicate the issue, so we could do it our own.

3. If we don't have the environment for reproducing the issue, we would may need to compile a specific development IMM FW code to gather enough information at PE lab.

4. If PE cannot reproduce, ask customer whether they could ship one failure system for analysis.

The drawbacks of above solutions are that sometimes PE does not have either the knowledge of how to use the utilities we used for debugging or the HW interface to connect to IMM debug console. And shipping the system from customer site may take long time.

We would like to provide an ffdc enhancement package for specific customer issue that is encountered. The ffdc enhancement package could be handled to IMM and do related jobs to help to collect data needed.

The idea: - Provide a special ffdc enhancement package that can be parsed by IMM to do related jobs for failure analysis.
- ffdc enhancement package could be sent...