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Digital microscope exposure check patches

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237247D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-10
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Digital microscope exposure check patches

We have developed a method that will allow the degree to which a microscope slide has been exposed to light to be determined and checked visually or by a calibrated digital microscope system.

Basic concept

We have identified a method of staining biopolymers such as cellophane using staining agents commonly used for staining biological samples. We have also found that one of these stains (Eosin) changes colour when exposed to light unless treated with a stabilising agent. We have investigated a number of stabilising agents and identified one (DABCO) that is particularly effective in improving the light-fastness of Eosin stained material.

This means that we can produce two samples of Eosin-stained biopolymer, one of which is stable and the other of which changes colour (bleaches) when exposed to light. A comparison of these is

shown below.

These plots show spectral absorbance for samples exposed to the light of a typical digital microscope continuously for different periods of time. In the left figure untreated Eosin is used and as can be seen the absorbance has dropped to 1/3 of its initial value after 30 minutes exposure. The right figure shows Eosin treated with DABCO and it can be seen that there is no significant change in its colour after continuous exposure to the same light source for 84 minutes.

Usage for exposure monitoring

There are a number of situations where it is useful to know the total exposure of a micros...